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Vacuum Bucket and Pail Lifting

AIMCO designs lifting assistance for every work environment, specializing in building high-quality, durable products. Beyond our assortment of crane equipment options, AIMCO has developed 5-gallon bucket and pail vacuum lifters for customers whose industries present unique challenges.

By equipping our compact lifting device with compressed air power, our vacuum bucket and pail lifting products are capable of assisting with loads of up to 150 pounds. Our highly trained engineering and design team has worked with countless industries to produce unique solutions for every customer.

Vacuum Bucket and Pail Lifting

What Industries Benefit from Vacuum Bucket and Pail Lift Assists?

AIMCO first began designing vacuum bucket and pail lift assists when approached by a paint manufacturing company that regularly needed to transfer 5-gallon buckets. While our customer used a conveyor belt for the bulk of their product transportation needs, a challenge arose when they needed to move paint buckets from the conveyor to the pallets.

Manually handling these 5-gallon buckets was not conducive to a safe or comfortable working environment, as the weight induced too much stress on each operator’s lower back. Furthermore, manually transferring each bucket individually slowed down the production process.

AIMCO introduced vacuum lift assist technology to our customer, and the rest was history. Since implementing our technology, our paint manufacturing customer has significantly reduced their employees’ ergonomic challenges and increased the productivity of their facility.

Other Uses for Vacuum Bucket and Pail Lift Assists

While AIMCO first developed vacuum bucket and pail lift assists for our paint manufacturing customers, our products have been used across countless industries. For example, the agricultural industry is one market that has found our vacuum bucket and pail lift assists to be useful for daily operations. For projects which require the transportation of fertilizer & seed, bucket and pail lift assists are ideal. Beyond agricultural uses, we’ve also worked with companies that specialized in industrial adhesives & lubricants, construction materials like asphalt and tar, and even the distribution of pool and spa chemicals. Our vacuum bucket and pail lift assists have even been used within the food industry, helping to transport ingredients like corn syrup, soy sauce, pickles, and more throughout our customers’ facilities. AIMCO works alongside these customers to determine the correct bucket type for each project, maximizing the efficiency of our equipment for every intended use.

Customizable Vacuum Bucket and Pail Lift Assists

AIMCO is not limited to working with paint manufacturers and agricultural customers. To ensure that every client’s needs can be fully met, regardless of industry, our design team can provide customizable features that are compatible with vacuum lift assist technology. Autopick Controllers are one of the most common add-on features for bucket and pail lift assists, as these devices use air cylinders with Inline Slide Handles for up-down control over the buckets and pails being maneuvered.

Beyond these controls, however, there are a wide variety of specialized features that our team can incorporate into any vacuum bucket or pail lift assist equipment to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with their order. Contact our team today to learn more about how our vacuum lift assist technology can bring value to your facility today!