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How Much Weight Is Suitable For Pneumatic Lift Assists?

By fabricating, finishing, and managing assembly in-house, AIMCO is able to provide our customers with high quality end products, such as air lifting devices and end effectors. In addition to our in-house operations, our process includes a final product review with the distributor or end user, which gives the customer an opportunity to operate the equipment prior to shipping. As a result, customers are also able to test the weight limits of their pneumatic lift assists as well. But if you are curious about these weight limitations before placing your order, AIMCO is happy to provide you with all the information you need for pneumatic lift assist products.

Pneumatic Lift Assists

What Are the Weight Limitations for Air Lifting Devices?

The simple answer to the question of AIMCO’s air lifting device’s weight limitations is that our vacuum tools typically allow up to 1000 lbs of weight, as seen with our AIM6566 Vacuum Tool equipment. However, this simple answer does not take into account specialty air lifting device projects. Just as customization can adjust a jib crane working radius of 15 feet to 30 feet, our team can also use customization to create a product to meet larger weight ranges if necessary.

Lifting Devices Using Magnets and Mechanical Gripping

While most air lifting devices that use vacuum technology can accommodate load weights of up to 1,000 lbs, AIMCO also supplies lifting equipment that incorporates compressed air technology with magnetic equipment, enabling different capacity limits and functions. Using pneumatic actuation, AIMCO air magnets are capable of reversing the magnetic field during the lifting process, which in turn allows for the toggle grab and release capabilities. The weight capacity of these AIMCO air magnets ranges from 50-500 lbs.

Can I Integrate Air Lifting Devices with My Products?

We often integrate our products with supplied lifting mechanisms such as air hoists and air balancers. We have the ability to integrate with all types of material handling equipment, as long as CAD drawings are supplied. However, since different equipment will provide its own weight limitations, our project engineers can work with your team to provide an expected weight limitation that takes into account the designs of both our air lifting devices and our customers’ equipment alike.

Order Your Air Lifting Device Today!

AIMCO is eager to serve our customers’ specific industry needs. We encourage you to reach out to our design team if you have any remaining questions concerning AIMCO air lifting devices or other pneumatic lifting equipment.