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KickLIFT Torque Arm

Decrease your operator’s fatigue and increase productivity with AIMCO®’s torque reaction arm, a zero-gravity manipulator for your assembly process.

AIMCO® Manipulator Arm Design

The KickLIFT systems were first developed for part/rack transfer on overhead moving conveyor lines. The arm’s simplicity of design, reliability and modest cost has fostered many other industrial lift assist uses.

The KickLIFT Torque Reaction Arm Design

The AIMCO® KickLIFT Torque Reaction Arm design was specifically developed to be used in conjunction with a heavy-duty industrial power tool. This piece of equipment is ideal for workspaces with low headroom, and is effortlessly incorporated into any facility. This product also works to float the tool and absorbs torque during the lifting process.

Advantages of AIMCO®’s KickLIFT Torque Reaction Arm

There are many advantages associated with AIMCO®’s KickLIFT Torque Reaction Arm auxiliary attachment. Explore some of these benefits below:

AIMCO®’s Torque Reaction Arm Provides Ease of Operation

AIMCO® designs every jib crane, lift and guide with our customers in mind. Because of this, we have prioritized easy and intuitive operation for our KickLIFT Torque Reaction Arm.

AIMCO®’s Torque Reaction Arm Safety Measures

Safety should always be your first priority, which is why we have engineered our Torque Reaction Arm to reduce the risk of hazards on the workfloor. By absorbing the reaction force of heavy loads, our equipment also reduces the chance that heavy loads will be damaged during the lifting operation.

The KickLIFT’s Additional Tooling Options

The primary KickLIFT design consists of high-quality, easy-to-use components, such various intuitive controller options, as well as several add-on tooling features that can easily be incorporated into the manipulator arm design. The KickLIFT Torque Reaction Arm is one of these supplemental tooling features, and it can be used in conjunction with other appendages, such as simple lifting forks to mechanical grippers, magnet end effectors, or vacuum end effectors. Custom end tooling is also available for KickLIFT and KickLIFT Torque Reaction Arms.

Torque Reaction Arm Capacities

Our Torque Reaction Arm easily accommodates weight limits similar to the KickLIFT, ranging from 10LBs to 150LBs, and a radial reach of up to 6 feet.