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Vacuum End Effectors

AIMCO® ‘s vacuum-assisted lifting devices bring together the highest quality vacuum components and pneumatic controls, providing our customers with the best lifting solutions. We produce vacuum-assisted lifting devices for a number of different industrial markets including, but not limited to, glass handling, sheet metal, plate handling, cabinets, body panels, counter tops, and furniture.

Power Roll

  • Ergonomic Controls: Can be configured with AIMCO® Pace Controller (shown here) as well as many other configurations
  • Power Tilt 180-DEG: Rack and pinion rotary actuator with adjustable stroke at retracted and extended positions

Vacuum-Assisted Lifting Device Design

The AIMCO® vacuum-assisted lifting device design utilizes venturi vacuum systems powered by plant compressed air. Venturi systems are particularly ideal for non-porous applications. AIMCO® provides control packages that are designed for reliable product handling and can be supplied to manipulate loads in a variety of ways. Loads can be tilted, rotated, inverted, or simply picked and placed.

Capacity of Vacuum-Assisted Lifting Devices

Our end tooling is capable of lifting heavy loads. In particular, Our vacuum-assisted lifting devices are capable of working with 1,000-LB loads, however, the ergonomically ideal weight limit for our end tooling equipment is 150 lbs or below.

Controllers for Vacuum-Assisted Lifting Devices

If you want the below-the-hook end effector to be as small and simple as possible, our Slide Valve Controller is a great option. If speed is of the utmost importance, and the workpiece can be handled from the top face, our Autopick Controller is a perfect fit. If you need to pick and place loads from low and high points, our Pivoting Handlebar, Vertical Slide Handle, or Pace Controller minimizes bending down and reaching up. AIMCO® offers a variety of ergonomic options to operate its equipment. Explore a comprehensive selection of our controllers here.

Advantages of AIMCO® Vacuum-Assisted Lifting Devices


This method of vacuum generation is a safe and reliable means of product handling that places very little demand on plant air consumption. Additionally, our vacuum-assisted lifting devices all include a “loss of air” feature that works to further ensure safety during use.

Customized Vacuum-Assisted Lifting Device Options

Adaptability is a crucial advantage of many AIMCO® products, including our vacuum-assisted lifting devices. This device specifically features custom vacuum cup configuration abilities, making our product perfectly equipped to integrate into any work facility.

Case Study


John Deere was looking for a safer and more efficent way to assembly tractor hoods.

The Problem

 The parts were large and took a coordinated team to install with a hoist and straps. The hoods also varried in size and shape, making consistent workholding difficult and strap placement to compromise the finish.

The Solution

 A vacuum tool was designed with easily adjustable vacuum cup placement and anti-drop safety allowing a single operator to more efficiently and safely install the hoads.

Case Study 2


Big Ass Fans needed to securely maneuver cardboard boxes up to 80LBs.

The Problem

The customer did not have the budget to invest in a tube lifter system.

The Solution

A pre-engineered Franchise Tool with twin, high-flow vacuum generators and 8 total vacuum cups proved to be a safe and efficient solution. An Autopick Controller effortlessly turned vacuum on and off for easy grab and release of the boxes. A Harrington hoist provided super fast up-down speed with a precise knob for speed control.