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Plate Handler

AIMCO®’s extensive experience in designing and manufacturing puts your mind at ease when lifting a seemingly difficult load with our steel plate lifting device. These products are manufactured and assembled in our 9001:2008 ISO certified, 100,000 square foot facility in Toledo, Ohio.


  • 1/4″ Plate: Up to 500LBs Load Bearing Capacity.
  • 1/4″ Plate: 2,640LBs Breakaway Force
  • 14 Gauge Sheet Metal: 792LBs Breakaway Force

The AIMCO® Steel Plate Lifting Device Design

Our magnet plate handlers are designed for lifting steel sheets. The AIMCO® steel plate lifting device not only provides a solution to large loads, it protects your operators during the process. Moreover, our magnet plate handler equipment can accommodate materials and loads of varying temperatures, with a maximum heat limit of 175°F. Whatever you require our steel plate lifting device for, you can be assured that AIMCO® understands your safety needs and lifting concerns.

Steel Plate Lifting Device Capacities

Steel plate lifting device by AIMCO® can handle magnetic plates up to 500 lbs. and can be used with an air or electric hoist. This lifting equipment is suitable for ferrous parts and 26 ga to 3/4″ low-carbon steel.

Controllers for Steel Plate Lifting Device

If you want the below-the-hook end effector to be as small and simple as possible, our Slide Valve Controller is a great option. If speed is of the utmost importance, and the ferromagnetic plate can be handled from the top face, our Autopick Controller is a perfect fit. If you need to pick and place loads from low and high points, our Pivoting Handlebar, Vertical Slide Handle, or Pace Controller minimizes bending down and reaching up. AIMCO® offers a variety of ergonomical options to operate its equipment. Explore a comprehensive selection of our controllers here.

Explore the Advantages of Our Steel Plate Lifting Devices

There is no shortage of advantages associated with the AIMCO® steel plate lifting device design. We receive an abundance of positive feedback from customers who purchase any product from our lifting equipment lineup, but the magnet plate handler is a favorite among many. Discover more about the device everybody is talking about:

Steel Plate Lifting Devices Accommodate Your Production Pace

Magnet Plate Handlers accommodate a range of lifting speeds, making them perfect for quick, repetitive motions and slow, precise placements.

Adaptable Equipment

Our steel plate lifting device is designed to be compatible with various other AIMCO® lifting devices. This integration feature has been displayed at trade shows and has been gaining interest in the industry for several years.

Steel Plate Lifting Devices Optimize Safety

Every single AIMCO®-manufactured product prioritizes the safety of your operators. In the case of our steel plate lifting devices, we provide an optional logic package that prevents loads from being released from the end tooling until it has been set upon a supportive surface.

Case Study


Raymond Corporation needed a better way to load and unload their Mazak machining center.

The Problem

125 lb. steel plates need to be precisely positioned when loading into the Mazak and rigidly supported while removing them. A 30″ reach-in made it difficult and dangerous for an operator to move parts in and out. Transferring heavy steel plates from the machine to a pallet was causing injuries and fatigue.

The Solution

A G-TorqLIFT was used to resolve the issues and create a much better working environment. The dual magnet tool provided a safe way to move the steel plates and the G-Force provided a smooth float mode to easily place the parts into their fixtures. The G-TorqLIFT was used to keep the plates horizontal while reaching 30 inches into the machining center.