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About AIMCO Manufacturing

It is our mission to prevent injuries and waste by building the best lift assists because every factory worker deserves an opportunity to be productive without sacrificing safety.

AIMCO Manufacturing began operations in 1993 and continues engineering and manufacturing operations today in its 100,000 square foot facility located in the heart of the Midwest—Toledo, Ohio.


Reduce Workplace Injuries with AIMCO

Our customers come to us looking to fulfill a basic desire: to avoid injury.

Over 50% of workplace injuries happen as a direct result of trying to do too much, whether it is because of overexertion, excessive repetition, or hurried accidents.

Frequently allowing the bottom-line to take precedence over everything else, superseding safety puts workers at risk. So what solution keeps factory workers safe while not negatively impacting productivity?

Enter AIMCO.

AIMCO products are the adaptable solution to all of your manufacturing safety concerns, offering lift assistance for major manufacturers of:

  • Steering Wheel Columns
  • Engine Blocks
  • Batteries
  • Transmission Cases
  • Tires & Wheels
  • Drive Trains & Axles
  • Engine Cradles
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Brake Rotors
  • Hatchbacks
  • Bumpers & Fenders
  • Doors
  • Radiators
  • Tailgates
  • Torque Converters
  • Small Part Containers
  • Windshields
  • Vehicle Frames
  • Rooftops
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Siding
  • Garage Doors
  • Washing Machines
  • Roof Shingles
  • Water Heaters
  • Bath Tubs & Shower Inserts
  • Wood Panels
  • Countertops
  • Construction Truck Panels
  • Medical Equipment
  • Food & Beverage Packages
  • Jugs & Containers
  • Absorbent Rolls
  • Frozen Meat Blocks
  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
  • Wire Spools
  • Televisions
  • Steel Bar & Tube Bundles
  • Furnace Dies
  • Steel Pipe
  • Sheet Metal
  • Power Grid Modules
  • Propane Tanks
  • Aluminum Recycling

Additionally, AIMCO products are helping reduce injuries in steel producing, metal forming, machining, and foundry operations nationwide.

What Sets Our Lift Assistance Apart?

It is true that AIMCO lift assistance is not the only option out there, but we can confidently say that it is the best option. A forklift is commonly used when handling material, but this method is dangerous when loading bars into a machine, or when working with a delicate load. On the other hand, automated conveyors and robots are great in theory, but they require a high volume of common products— something most small businesses don’t have. Since forklifts are dangerous and automation is not always an accessible option, AIMCO stands out as a better alternative to both.

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Quality We Stand Behind

Our sister company, Lockrey Manufacturing, is a contract manufacturing company. Lockrey currently employs 12 lift-assists throughout their machining and fabrication divisions. If a dangerous situation or a safety improvement opportunity ever arises, they tap us on the shoulder to quickly build a solution for them. It is our mission to bring that same service to our customers. We exist to make sure safety comes first and is delivered fast.

Eliminate the Squandering

Various crane companies offer a clutter of attempted solutions for lifting assistance concerns. Our job is to eliminate that clutter and simply present you with the best solution. Rest assured, if we don’t have the best solution, we will tell you who does. AIMCO wants you to operate with the safest lift-assist that fits your application, and would be obliged to be your guide in getting there.