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Signature End Tools

Our AIMCO® signature end tools are designed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind. We offer a variety of standard magnetic and vacuum tooling options, each compatible with other cutting-edge AIMCO® equipment. Explore our selection below:

Magnet Plate Handler

Steel plate lifting device by AIMCO® can handle magnetic plates up to 500LBs. and can be used with an air or electric hoist.

Magnet Tube & Pipe Lifting

AIMCO® steel pipe lifting devices and handling equipment can be configured across various manufacturing sectors and is also used as steel tube handling equipment.

Magnet Brake Rotor & Gear Lifting

AIMCO®’s brake rotor lifting devices and magnetic gear lifters have been successfully implemented within dozens of factories across the automotive supply chain.

Vacuum Bucket & Pail Lifting

Our lifting devices aid your operator in lifting and lowering parts and items precisely and smoothly at a fast speed.

Vacuum Box Lifter

Our vacuum box lifters are exceptionally reliable and eliminate common manual lifting issues. AIMCO® knows that safety is always important, which is why we manufacture every lifting device and associated products with the utmost care.

Vacuum Sheet Lifter

Do you need assistance in handling delicate or cumbersome non-magnetic materials? Let AIMCO®’s vacuum sheet lifter technology eliminate injuries and waste in your workplace.

Battery Gripper

Our battery lifter is configured with thin mechanical gripping jaws with non-marring grip pads. Discover how this lifting device tool can improve the productivity of your workplace.