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AIMCO’s gorbel G-force arm combines an intelligent, servo-driven lifting device with a sturdy AIMCO® torque tube arrangement for handling offset loads.

With Trolley Platform

  • G-Force Integration: Intelligent lifting devices (ILDs) from Gorbel® can be mounted in the center of the AIMCO® Trolley Platform that supports a Torque Tube
  • Off Center Loads: Custom configured Torque Tubes are designed to absorb up to 750 FT-LBS of off-center load: for example, 250 LBS cantilevered out 3FT beyond the center of the platform
  • Ceiling
  • Portable

The Gorbel G-Force Lift Design

AIMCO®’s G-TorqLIFT is one of the newer models of our family of rigid lifters. It utilizes a telescoping mast on a pair of heavy duty bearing blocks. In addition to the stable offset load advantages of the TorqLIFT, the G-TorqLIFT provides higher speed cycles at greater precision with the ability to toggle the lifting control into float mode for operations requiring more hands on part alignment.

Advantages of Our Gorbel G-Force Lifts

At AIMCO®, our gorbel g-force lifts not only provide our customer with the many advantages that our guided lifts are known for, but they also have many of their own unique advantages and features as well. Discover why the G-TorqLIFT may be the perfect piece of equipment for your workspace.

Safety in Gorbel G-Force Lift Design

AIMCO® prioritizes the safety of our customers and their workforce, which is why the G-TorqLIFT is equipped with several additional safety features and custom end effectors which work to eliminate unsafe lifting conditions and to protect delicate payloads.

The Gorbel G-Force Lift is Designed for Adaptability

The G-TorqLIFT provides our customers with a guided lift that can be optimized for various functions. As a highly adaptable design, the G-TorqLIFT is able to integrate gorbel g-force, an intelligent lifting device, that can be configured with quick-change end effectors. The G-torq Lift is commonly used in tandem with ArtJIB cranes and overhead Bridge Cranes, however, the possibilities are endless when you partner with AIMCO®.

Electric Servo Precision

For precise accuracy in motion control, our G-TorqLIFT uses electric servo equipment. With a broad range of power, these high-performance lifts are capable of handling loads of various sizes, both large and small, including offset loads. When it comes to operating lifting equipment, AIMCO® understands the importance of lifting precision, which is why our gorbel G-TorqLIFTs are engineered with thorough attention to detail, and why we trust electric servo components in particular to assist in getting your lifting jobs done.

Gorbel G-Force Lift Capacities

The lifting capacities of our G-TorqLIFT are convenient for any workspace, especially when extreme precision is required. These lifts include two-button, speed-metered, vertical lift control handles, with vertical lifts of up to 60” available. Additionally, this particular guided lift has a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. and a 750 ft-lbs maximum moment, with a 3 ft maximum reach-out.

Case Study 1


Boeing was looking for a way to safely install high dollar computer modules. The operation required a long extension arm which could rotate the modules and support them inside a satellite for assembly.

The Problem

The loads were heavy and had multiple delicate connection points which required very precise repeatable positioning without backlash on release.

The Solution

An AIMCO G-TorqLIFT was able to provide the precise repeatable solution needed. A servo lift was integrated into an ArtJIB and the robust end of the arm lifting guide supports the offset load enabling operators to float the modules into position.

Case Study 2


A safer way to load irregular steel plates into a Mazak milling machine was a necessity.

The Problem

The center of the Mazak milling machine is 29.5″ from the front of machine and the process of placing steel plates into fixtures must be precise. Operators were struggling to load plates by hand. The previous process was dangerous and inefficient.

The Solution

A G-TorqLIFT solved the lifting challenge by providing the operator a rigid magnet tool with the ability to float 125 lb. steel plates into a fixture with ease.

Case Study 3


CNH Industrial was looking for a better solution than their current lift assist. Fixes requested: “The up and down function of the jib is very rigid and the operator does not have the ability to ease the firewall into the cab frame without bouncing the lift bail, the reaction arm is very difficult to rotate and guide the firewall over to the cab frame, the base pivot point does not have a brake lock and allows the entire jib to just float away in free space.”

The Problem

The operators were fighting to manipulate the parts into place which caused unneeded stress and strain along with reduced production cycle times.

The Solution

A Gorbel G-Force was integrated with the AIMCO G-TorqLIFT and equipped with air-powered brakes and tilting features. This system provided a smooth and precise lifting solution which gave the operator the option to float a part into place by hand without worrying about the jib crane drifting.