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Column-Mounted Jib Cranes

AIMCO’s column mounted jib cranes offer comprehensive features with outstanding quality. Our products can be configured for round, square, or even I-beam columns. Save yourself precious floor space by mounting our jib cranes to your building columns.

Advantages of the Column Mounted Jib Crane

As with all of AIMCO’s high-quality jib cranes, our Column Mounts offer various advantages to our customers when put into use. Explore some of these benefits below:

High-Speed Operation

Column mounted jib cranes are built with your high-speed operation needs in mind. AIMCO’s dedicated focus on efficiency drives our products. In addition to quick rotation capacity, our jib cranes provide impressive positioning accuracy, ensuring that the job is not only done with quality and speed, but accuracy as well.

Column Mounted Jib Crane Adjustability

AIMCO designs our column mounted jib cranes with the customer in mind. The result of our efforts is an incredibly versatile design that seamlessly adapts to any workplace. Additionally, a large operating range is made possible thanks to the generous swivel angle.

Ease of operation

With AIMCO’s Column mounted jib crane, you no longer need to worry about difficult-to-use equipment—We make it easy to understand how our products work! And with our Column Mounted jib crane, you additionally benefit from ergonomic support that reduces strain on workers. Our Column Mounted jib cranes are also able to provide excellent low-friction operation due to low-moving mass.

Durability in Column Mounted Crane Design

Built in accordance with several industry standards, including American Welding Society AWS-D14.1 & D1.1, ASME/ANS ANSI B30, and Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Specifications no. 70 & 74, our Column Mounted cranes are built to hold up under constant use. We have designed this crane with high-quality, wear-resistant components to ensure that you have a reliable jib crane that will withstand the test of time.


Typically, our Column mounted jib crane systems can accommodate a space range only limited by the height of your columns and can handle weight loads of up to 1,600 lbs at 8ft spans and up to 800 lbs. at 15ft spans. The range of motion for our Column Mounted jib cranes, while limited by its mount to a wall or column, is still impressive, with 200° of rotation available for our customers’ use. This crane can be used in conjunction with hoists such as chain hoists, wire rope hoists, wire rope balancers, with vacuum or magnet lifting devices, making this product easy to integrate into your workspace.

Safety Features

Safety is always the number one priority with AIMCO products. After the installation and launch of our Column Mounted jib crane design, overall safety and productivity will increase, and you will have peace of mind knowing that injuries and waste will diminish.

Case Study


Transtar needed a better method to removing torque converters from a crate and placing them on a conveyor. They wanted something to improve safety but also to maintain takt times.

The Problem

Operators were straining their backs while reaching out and bending down, wrestling torque converters out of a crate. Floor space was not available for a pedestal mounted crane and too many obstructions were overhead for a bridge crane to work.

The Solution

AIMCO engineers developed a custom mount for the articulated jib crane that fit their building column. The design was a reinforced clamp or compression plate that allowed for secure attachment without having to modify the column itself.