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JIB Cranes

AIMCO® engineers our jib cranes to last. Each of our jib cranes comes with excellent safety features to ensure that our products can keep your business running smoothly and securely. AIMCO® includes the top-of-the-line ergonomic thoughtfulness that we are known for in every one of our jib cranes. Explore the rotation features we offer and discover which one of these products is best suited for seamlessly integrating into your workspace.

Free-Standing JIB Cranes

AIMCO®’s free-standing jib crane employs a floor-mounted pedestal for easy installation that does not require a pre-existing support structure.

Portable JIB Cranes

Do you require lifting solutions at multiple locations throughout your facility but don’t want permanent mounts? We can equip our high-quality jib with a portable base making relocation and set-up fast and easy.

Column-Mounted JIb Crane

Check out our column-mounted jib cranes designed to save you floor space and headroom. Our heavy-duty connections evenly distribute the load giving you endless peace of mind.


AIMCO®’s Articulated Jib Cranes are widely considered the finest available in the industry. Our bearing design assures smooth and effortless rotation allowing loads to be moved freely throughout the entire work circle.


At AIMCO®, we are the best specialist suppliers for aluminum jib cranes. Aluminum jib cranes offer you the least resistance during your operations.


The AIMCO® Vacuum Series Articulating Jib comes with 360° continuous rotation at two pivot joints. AIMCO® is a preferred Jib supplier and partner of Vaculex and FIPALIFT.


Do you need a lifting system that allows you to lift and traverse smoothly? AIMCO® ‘s air balancer jib crane is the perfect solution to your problem.

Swivel Arc

AIMCO®’s Swivel Arc is the perfect extension for your workstation. Our high-quality welding boom can rotate to maximize functionality to any station you need.

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