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AIMCO® Guided Lifts

AIMCO®’s Guided Lifts are pneumatic lifting mechanisms that facilitate up-and-down motions, working to absorb off-center loads.

Benefits of Guided Pneumatic Lifting Equipment

There are numerous benefits associated with our many pneumatic lifting devices. One primary advantage that draws customers to our guided lifts is their ability to support offset loads and hold them square without load angles varying.

Additionally, the rigid connection of our guided lift devices eliminates the whip motion that can occur in non-guided lifts. The resulting overtravel of non-guided lifts can cause operator strain and fatigue. Save time, money, and the energy of your operators by choosing an AIMCO® manufactured pneumatic lifting device.


The AIMCO® TorqLIFT is a robust piece of equipment that allows for easy pneumatic lifting. This guided lift couples a lifting air cylinder with a guiding torque tube that telescopes up and down.


When you order an AIMCO® G-TorqLift you can expect pneumatic equipment that combines intelligent, servo-driven lifting technology with robust AIMCO® torque tube arrangements which allow for the handling of offset loads.


The StackerLIFT will revolutionize the way your business handles cantilevered loads. These pneumatic lifting devices perform especially well when the equipment is needed to accomplish a lot of vertical travel.


With the AIMCO® KickLIFT you will finally be able to increase workplace productivity while simultaneously eliminating the hindrance of operator fatigue. Discover how our innovative design is built to optimize your workplace.

KickLIFT Torque Arm

In addition to our KickLIFT, AIMCO® supplies KickLIFT Torque arms. These manipulator arms can function as jibs in workspaces with low headroom. Moreover, this pneumatic lifting component can be a reaching-out part for working inside machines, presses, or furnaces.