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At AIMCO, we specialize in supplying our customers with aluminum jib cranes. We know that the aluminum jib cranes offer you the least resistance during operation.


  • 8ft SPANS from 600lbs to 2,000lbs.
  • 20ft SPANS from 100lbs to 400lbs.
  • and everything between

The Aluminum Jib Crane Design

AIMCO’s boom jib crane design requires minimal start and stop force during operation. As a result, this design cuts down on aches and pains that would otherwise plague our customers. As with many of our other jib cranes, our aluminum boom jib cranes are free-standing, which ensures easy operation and equipment placement.

Another design factor that promotes ease of operation in our Boom Jibs is the use of aluminum as the primary equipment material. This lightweight metal makes the manipulation of the crane even easier, increasing rotational capacity and precision-loading abilities, while still remaining a high-strength jib crane.

Aluminum Jib Cranes Offer Durability

At AIMCO, we understand that our customers require products that can stand the test of time. Our aluminum Jib cranes provide the level of durability that you are looking for to benefit your workplace. Aluminum is convenient due to its non-rusting nature, as well as its ability to not spark during operation. When you need long-lasting lifting equipment, our aluminum BoomJibs are the product for you.

Safety Features of the Aluminum Boom Jib Crane

AIMCO® products are designed to avoid accidents, injuries, and waste. As a result, we take the safety features of our aluminum jib cranes very seriously. AIMCO® particularly caters to safety needs through products like Jib Stops and Air Brakes, which are available to restrict overhead crane rotation at the primary pivot joint or rail trolley. Additionally, hard stops are an excellent solution to prevent arms from swinging across forklift lanes or aisleways. Air brakes can be leveraged as a parking mechanism or to help an operator bring the load to a stop.

Aluminum Jib Crane Capacities

Overhead aluminum Jib Crane Capacities range from 150 LBs to 1,600 LBs, depending on height measurements ranging between 8 to 15 feet.

Swivel Capabilities of Our Aluminum Jib Cranes

AIMCO Aluminum Boom Jib cranes are designed with 180° or 360° continuous rotation, allowing for circular coverage. Swivel capabilities are reinforced through the aluminum material make-up of these jib cranes, as the lighter material reduces crane dead weight.

Ordering Your Aluminum Jib Crane

Our Aluminum Jib Cranes are priced at competitive rates with quick delivery times, ranging between 1 week for in-stock jibs or 5-6 weeks for custom jibs. Email our team today and immediately improve the overall safety and productivity of your workspace!

Case Study


Megadyne America was seeking a more ergonomic way to pick wire rolls, tilt up, and place onto a mandrel.

The Problem

Machines in need of a lift assist were spread out around the shop which normally would require several jib cranes to accommodate the lifting issue. Also, lifting the spools by hand was causing injuries and workforce turnover.

The Solution

 An AIMCO Mobile Jib Crane solved the lifting issues by providing a stable base supporting a straight boom jib. The pneumatic tooling allowed operators the ease of picking heavy spools, tilting 90°, and manipulating the load onto the mandrel.