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Compressed Air Vacuum Lifters

AIMCO recently posted a blog that detailed the many advantages of air vacuum bucket lifting products and the industries these products can serve. In the same way that vacuum technology can be used in collaboration with Aimco buckets and pails, compressed air vacuums can also be utilized to create lifters uniquely suited to lift boxes and sheets, rather than buckets. These products, though similar, are distinct from one another. We invite our customers to explore the differences between compressed air vacuum vacuum lifters:

Compressed Air Vacuum to Lift

Vacuum Assisted Lifting Devices Designed For Corrugated Boxes

As a company committed to meeting the exact requirements of every customer, AIMCO designs compressed air vacuum lifters with options for 8-cup, 4-cup, 2-cup, and 1-cup settings. Each of these configurations utilizes High flow vacuum generators and pliable bellows cups to ensure that corrugated boxes are secure and able to be safely maneuvered throughout the customers’ facilities.

Vacuum Tube Lifting

While the electric system that can be used alongside this type of vacuum lift assist equipment is not manufactured by AIMCO, our company is proud to accommodate our customers’ needs, meaning that we are equipped to fully integrate electric systems into vacuum tube lifting configurations. Electric systems are certainly not required for vacuum lift assist equipment, but they can become the perfect solution for customers who do not have access to compressed air. Our team maintains a strong, long-standing business relationship with a US-based electric system manufacturer, allowing us to source reliable equipment for our customers.

Vacuum Assisted Lifting Devices Designed For Sheets

Compressed air vacuum assisted lifting devices are not merely relegated to corrugated box lifting projects. The vacuum sheet can similarly reduce the amount of injuries caused by loading accidents and long-term injuries that repetitive lifting can cause. Additionally, when used with our AIMCO® TorqLIFT, we can include a “loss of air” feature that works to further ensure safety during use.

Why Choose Vacuum Lift Assist Technology?

There are many advantages associated with compressed air vacuum lifters. In particular, these pieces of vacuum equipment are recommended for projects involving a large enough surface area. When compressed air vacuum lifters are in place, customers benefit from the following features:

Lightweight Technology

Compressed air vacuum lifters are preferred because this equipment typically involves the lightest end effectors available. By being able to handle large capacities without a large amount of dead weight, vacuum lift assists afford their operators with a greater amount of flexibility and control.

Safety Through Verifying Vacuum Equipment

Like all AIMCO products, our vacuum lift assist equipment is able to keep its operators safe. By measuring the level of vacuum, we are able to disable the lift in case there is not sufficient vacuum force for lifting i.e. a damaged suction cup. With AIMCO compressed air vacuum lifters, you can be confident that once you’ve attached the suction cups, you’re good to go.

Less Demanding Than Mechanical Lift Assist Options

Lastly, AIMCO’s compressed air vacuum lifters are advantageous to customers because they are designed to be less demanding on operators. Whereas mechanical lifting can be a more complicated equipment set up, vacuum lift assist options are straightforward and easy to use.

Vacuum Assisted Lifting Devices for Every Industry

Because nearly every industry requires box lifting or sheet lifting of some kind, AIMCO is confident that our vacuum assisted lifting devices can truly benefit any industry that requests our products. If you are interested in learning more about how compressed air vacuums can optimize your workplace, we invite you to get in touch with our team of experts!