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What Makes the Specialty Jib Design Useful

Whether concerning end effectors or jib crane equipment, AIMCO regularly customizes our products to suit very specific applications. In fact, it may surprise new dealers to learn that about 90% of AIMCO orders are customized. AIMCO understands that it can be easy to get hung up on the details when it comes to specialty products, which is why we encourage customers to check out our lengthy portfolio of past jib crane examples and demo equipment. See for yourself how previous projects were designed and you’ll likely find an example that is similar to what you are looking for.

Because our specialty designing capabilities are very flexible, it is difficult to fully show every customization option that AIMCO can provide our customers. If you have a specialty jib crane feature in mind, our engineers are eager to work with you to understand how we can best accommodate your precise application needs. Each project has its own project engineer that works to tailor fit the design of the jib crane. We can quote these add ons and collaborate with you to find the perfect solution for your work cell and budget.


VacuJIB Design Options

The first jib crane design options to explore are those related to the Vacujib. While there have been countless customized vacuJib orders, the project shown to the right was a particularly interesting project to work on for a number of reasons.

The initial specialty feature incorporated into this jib crane was a portable base. While many customers require a jib crane designed to move freely around their facilities as needed, this customer worked with the roof shingling process, and as a result, they required vacuJib equipment that could be moved to an outdoor operation from an indoor workspace. As the leading expert in flexible jib crane design, AIMCO easily constructed a portable base to fit these needs.

There is another advantage of working with AIMCO to consider— because we sell exclusively through dealers, we are able to source further specialty capabilities that open up more avenues for customization and integrated projects. This was the case for this specialty jib crane design. While AIMCO does not personally provide motorization for jib cranes, we were able to work with a dealer to outfit a vacujib design to incorporate two power sources: an electric pump and a gas powered engine pump.

As you can see, if you can imagine a custom jib crane design feature, we can at least discuss the feasibility of manufacturing a tailor-made piece of equipment. As you can see, this VacuJib project, which added a portable base, roller conveyor mounted on the pedestal, and a secondary jib arm that balanced 5-gal bucket lid crimping tool into the jib crane design, is only the beginning of what AIMCO is capable of achieving.

VacuJIB Custom Jib

NumoJIB Design Options

In addition to customizing our VacuJIB products, AIMCO is also capable of supplying our customers with specialized NumoJIB equipment. In one particular instance, our team was able to “nest” an air balancer at the elbow arm of the jib crane. “Nesting” is a common strategy that our project engineers use to incorporate features such as hoists, balancers, or intelligent lifting devices into jib crane designs.

One particularly popular nested customization is the Gorbel G-Force intelligent lifting device, which is incorporated into the jib crane design shown here. This feature is especially advantageous as it intuitively balances the jib crane, creating a more ergonomic lifting solution and a decreased risk of physical stress or injury.

NumoJIB Design

Swivel Arc Design Options

Lastly, AIMCO is well-accustomed to providing specialty features for our Swivel Arc jib crane designs. Using an Articulated jib to support the jib crane’s welder overhead, our team can incorporate an auxiliary wire feeder that is mounted at the pedestal. We have manufactured numerous swivel arc specialty orders, customizing them to be able to pull from a spool or drum of welding wire, feeding the material through the arm of the machine.

One project in particular allowed for a 15 foot radius of jib crane use, with added length accounting for the whip for the welder gun. This jib crane proved incredibly useful for giant 30 ft+ projects. Custom integration, such as this swivel arc jib crane design, is entirely tailored to the customers’ needs when AIMCO is hired as the supplier.

Designing Jib Cranes According to High Industry Standards

First and firstmost, AIMCO understands that for our customers to trust their jib crane equipment, the manufacturer must hold up to established, third-party enforced industry standards for quality. The most widely used quality assurance program is implemented by the international organization for standardization. Because of this, AIMCO consistently maintains certification to the latest ISO standards over the years, with ISO 9001:2015 being the most recent iteration.

In addition to general ISO standards, AIMCO also conforms to the widely accepted ASME Guidelines and Standards when designing jib cranes and jib-crane related products, ensuring that every customized design feature is reliable and safe for workers.

Jib Crane Customizations for Every Industry

From the transportation industry to the energy sector, customers have taken advantage of AIMCO equipment and used our expert jib crane design skills to meet specific industry needs. Discover for yourself what high-quality jib cranes can do for you— contact AIMCO today to receive your first piece of lift-assisting equipment.