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What Are the Different Types of Cranes?

At AIMCO, there are two primary types of cranes: Art Jibs and Boom Jibs. While this may not seem like a wide variety of cranes, versatility is possible thanks to the large selection of mounts available for both types of cranes . If you are interested in viewing an easy guide to our equipment according to the different types of features each one provides, this blog post will be your best resource.


What Is an Articulated Jib Crane?

Articulating cranes implement folding structures into the boom, offering their operators the ability to navigate around structures or in tight spaces. At AIMCO specifically, our ArtJIBs utilize a bearing design to assure smooth and effortless rotation allowing loads to be moved freely throughout the entire work circle. As a side-note there are a subset of specialty jib cranes that can only be utilized with Articulated Jibs, they are Swivel Arcs®, VacuJIBs™ and NumoJIBs™.


What Is a Boom Jib Crane?

AIMCO’s boom jib crane is a crane that requires minimal start and stop force during operation. Ergonomic studies indicate reductions in aches and pains that would otherwise plague our customers.

Boom Jib Cranes VS. Articulated Jib Cranes: Which Is Right for You?

AIMCO®’s Articulated Jib Cranes are widely considered the finest available in the industry, so when should you use this crane type as opposed to a boom jib? ArtJIBs are used for applications where overhead or wall obstructions exist in the facility it will be operated within. Moreover, while AIMCO’s boom cranes are often quite ergonomic, articulated jib cranes can be equally ergonomic when the secondary arm does most of the traversing, and the primary arm is hardly moving.

Boom cranes, on the other hand, offer their own design factors that promote ease of operation on the work floor. Because Boom Jibs are constructed using aluminum, this crane is perfect for customers looking for ease of manipulation and increased capacity and precision loading abilities. Despite standing out as a lightweight jib crane, the boom crane design remains a notably high-strength jib crane.


Which Crane Mount is Right for Me?

Portable Jib Crane Mounts

Our portable Jib Crane mounts offer a great deal of versatility to our customers. In addition to being easy to install, these options are ideal for facilities in which permanent structures are impractical.

Free Standing Jib Crane Mounts

With no additional support structures needed, free-standing jib cranes are ideal for customers looking for easy installation and set up and can be applied to all types of jib cranes.

Space-Efficient Jib Crane Mounts

Check out our column-mounted jib cranes designed to save you floor space and headroom. Our heavy-duty connections evenly distribute the load giving you endless peace of mind. While these Column Mounted Jib Cranes do not provide free standing features, they instead offer a surprising amount of adjustability and a large operation range.

Learn More About Crane Options With AIMCO

Every customer comes to us with a unique set of requirements that they need their jib crane to fulfill, which is why AIMCO is dedicated to walking you through the jib crane selection process personally when that is desired. Our approach to jib crane selection ensures that every customer walks away with a jib crane and corresponding mount that serves their specific needs. Get in touch with AIMCO today and see for yourself what excellent customer service can do for you.