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Your Safety is our Priority

Your Lift Assist will come with several built-in safety features designed to protect employees and products.

Need more?

 - Couple circuits together to add a second layer of protection.


 - Add our Timing Circuit to require both buttons be pressed within a fraction of a second and further eliminate any chance of accidents.

Handling delicate or complex products? Tight work space?

Our skilled technicians tailor the controls and safeties of every lift assist to best fit for your application

Use Location Logic to protect your product and its environment by to preventing your product from being lifted or lowered into obstructions.

Secure Lifting Logic is used disable the lifting function once the picking sequence has been initiated and only re-enables it when our sensors gives the all clear that your product has been properly secured.

When manually aligning parts is difficult, Sequential Logic is a great way to ensure your part is secured right every time.

(Sequential logic uses a single function to complete multiple operations in series to ensure your product is properly secured  and on the right surfaces)

Want to integrate with your own safety device? - No Problem!

 - Third party lifters can be integrated with our anti-drop circuits

 - Floor and mat sensors can be made to cut power to your lift assist unless an operator is present

 - Machine sensors can be made to cut power to your lift assist if an operator is somewhere they should not be

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Smart Safety - Material Handling Done Right

Loss of power (Default power supply - 90 PSI. compressed air)

In the event of loss or disruption of air supply your Aimco lift assist will remain in position until air is restored.


Note: During air loss blocking valves ensure your product remains securely in position indefinitely, except on systems employing vacuum. On a vacuum lift assist experiencing air loss, how long a product is retained is dependent on the how porous the product is.  For this reason operators keep the system’s down function and will typically have at least 5-10 minutes to lower parts gently back to a supportive surface.


Two-Hand Release

 - Prevents accidental drops by requiring operators to press a release button with their left hand while also pressing a common button with their right.


Automatic Load Detection

 - Detects when a product is lifted and disables the release button until the product is placed back onto a supportive surface.



 - Tooling with non-visual actuation are equipped with gauges or pop up indicators to show when it is safe to lift your product.