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Return on Investment

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Awards & Certification

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Calculate your ROI  -

Return on Investment is a benchmark used to calculate the gain from each dollar invested compared to the initial amount invested on capital equipment

ROI = Net Income / Cost of Investment

Net Income Gains:

Cost of Investment:

Prevent Indirect Costs:

- Loss of future production

- Increased insurance Premiums

- Attorney Fees

- Personal Impact

- Company Safety Ratings

- Turnover

- Missed Deliveries

Eliminating Direct Costs:

- Incident Investigation

- Doctor and Hospital Bills

- Compensation for the Injured Person

- OSHA Fines

- Damaged Product or Equipment

- Clean Up

- Loss of Production

Direct Benefits:

- Injury Reduction

- Increased Productivity

- Prevent Long Term Injuries

- Improved Employee Moral

- Reduce Operator Fatigue

Direct Costs:

- Capital Investment

- Shipping and Taxes

- Installation and Training

- Maintenance

- Power (compressed air consumption)

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- Kinetic Tools

Thank you very much for the quote, this is very descriptive and professional.   I will be sure to keep you in the loop as this opportunity progresses

- Bastian Solutions

Nice job on the brochure.  The examples make for good talking points with the interested parties.

- Magna

It's a go and another great solution. You guys are really a pleasure to work with.

- OSI Group

Thank you Mike, you did a great job on the video and the gripper looks great.

- Bluegrass Tool and Industrial

I just want to say I think that is the best run-off video I have ever seen! Great Job!

- Barnes and Associates

Awesome job on the Magna Belvidere project! Loved everything about these designs, and I believe the customer agreed…an out of the park Home Run!

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